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To have some new girls join the team and in the hope of finding a few diamonds in the rough, we are regularly looking to hire new escort girls. Regular clientele like discovering new girls from all parts of the world which makes new girls particularly popular.

To become part of Majestic Agency, you have to fill in certain criteria. Most importantly, you have to be 18 or older and we will immediately reject applications from underage girls. We are open to receiving the application of any beautiful woman who has gracious physical traits that leave no man unmoved because the men we entertain usually like strong independent women.

The men who come to us are interested in women with a personality which will only make the moments you spend together more interesting and fun. This is the reason why we’re looking for women who are passionate for nightlife, exceptional places, luxurious restaurants or travelling. They will meet important people, even celebrities and need to be comfortable with this type of environment.



Strict rules and a flexible schedule

Opposed to what we think is true, being a luxurious escort demands a great sense of professionalism. The girl will have to respect a few ethics and obligation rules. She cannot divulge private information about her clients. They usually come from international high spheres and need insured utmost discretion.

Escort girl services suggest the need to have a great availability. You will need to adapt your schedule to make sure you’re as free as possible. Therefore, the offer stands for distinguished women looking for great adventures. If you are still a student or already in the professional world, you may try this experience to spice up your day to day life. In sight of the quality of the required performances, the remuneration is consequent. You will be treated with consideration and as a guest by the client. All fees regarding travelling, restoration and hospitality will be theirs to take care of. You will also on occasion be able to visit countries out of Europe, this is why we recommend that our escorts speak more than one language, with at least French or English.

How to get in touch with us

If you think you fit the description above, the Majestic Agency will open you its doors. Please contact us by mail or phone with the contact details you can find on the website. If you decide to contact us through mail, please join to your message 3 to 4 recent pictures of you. Any information you send us will, of course stay absolutely confidential and will be deleted in case your application is rejected.

We are extremely meticulous about the way we select our future escorts. Each profile we receive will be analysed with great attention. Those who we chose to join us will be contacted in the briefest delay possible.

Simply fill in the form

On this page you will find the form you have to fill in in order to participate in the casting. You’re only required to fill in basic information like you first and last name and your contact details. Additional details about your physical appearance are welcome. The website is available in multiple languages, choose the one that suits you best. Please take some time before signing up to visit our website so you can have a proper idea of what services we propose and what type of women are part of the agency. Our girls do this activity for their love of luxury or their own pleasure and you might even be surprised of the number of women who work with us. It might also give you an idea about which style you’ll want to adopt to present yourself on our website. Otherwise don’t worry, the agency will provide you with tips and useful information for you to start just right.

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