Who we Are

For the last few years, through the luxury escort agency, we have built a network of privileged contacts. It gathers a significant number of honored and distinguished men and beautiful luxury escorts.

The women you will find working with us are beautiful and unique in their own way. Most of them are in their twenties and inspire youthfulness and elegance and are as graceful as it gets. Careful about holding our high standards, we cannot accept just anyone. We go through extensive checks about every girl we consider hiring. We are only looking for intelligent, gracious and cultivated women who will be able to make the client’s stay more enjoyable. They know how to respect rules of conduct and will act decently in your company. Their role is to entertain you and keep you company for a diner or a gala for example.

Girls of exceptional beauty

To find our new gems, we rely upon many years of experience and our interpersonal skills. We allow you to make marvellous encounters and to discover a world of charm, seduction and mystery.

From your first visit, we will introduce to you almost every one of our working girls. Feel free to check all of their profiles here, it’ll give you a better idea of who corresponds you most. We actively try and make every step as easy as possible for you. This is why it only requires you a few clicks to successfully plan a meeting with our dreamy escorts. There are still a few rules for you to follow that we try to keep to the bare minimum.

We start by insuring our clients that their personal information are in no case or form shared with another person or agency and our escorts are also required to respect those confidentiality rules. Our clients will be able to benefit from our escorts’ company without any worry. Our girls are not allowed to share personal information or personal contact details with the clients. They are forbidden to consume any type of illegal drugs or to consume excessive amounts of alcohol. However, they are allowed to participate in cocktail events with the clients.

Transactions and useful services

The Agence Majestic is located in Geneva. We use Swiss Francs as our main currency for any transactions. As we know that our high-end clientele comes from different places in the world, we also accept U.S. dollars and euros. You can find detailed information about rates and payment methods on this page.

To guarantee the high quality of our services, we regularly organize castings to add special women to our range of beautiful escorts. Our selection committee is composed of Agence Majestic founders and specialists and proceed meticulously. They make their decision based on a list of criteria which ensures our escorts can practice this profession without too much supervision and that they are trustworthy. For most of them, being an escort is a second job or simply a great way to entertain themselves and come from everywhere in the world. Still, they are required to speak at least two languages not counting their native tongue.

You can choose to meet the escort at your home or at a hotel. The Agency is also able to plan a more special encounter like a weekend or luxurious holidays. If you need more information, you can reach us by phone: +41795014964 or send us an email for specific demands. You can check our contact information here.

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