Our conditions

Cat. 1

1 Hour : 700 CHF

2 Hours : 1100 CHF

3 Hours : 1500 CHF

4 Hours : 1900 CHF

6 Hours : 2300 CHF

12 Hours : 3100 CHF

18 Hours : 3900 CHF

24 Hours : 4700 CHF

48 Hours : 6400 CHF

Extra day : 1400 CHF

Cat. 2

1 Hour : 1000 CHF

2 Hours : 1400 CHF

3 Hours : 1800 CHF

4 Hours : 2200 CHF

6 Hours : 2800 CHF

12 Hours : 3600 CHF

18 Hours : 4200 CHF

24 Hours : 5000 CHF

48 Hours : 6800 CHF

Extra day : 1500 CHF

Rates and transactions:

Our rates may vary depending on the performance, the duration of the session and the girl you pick. You can have a look at our different rates on this page. Our preferred currency for transactions is Swiss Francs. However, we do accept USD and euros if you let us know in advance.

If you choose to spend one night or more with one of our escorts, you will have to make a reservation and pay at least 50% of the total amount. For performances involving travelling abroad, the total amount will be payed for in advance before departing from Geneva. Furthermore, all expenses linked to transportation, meals and accommodation of the escort will be at the client’s charge. She is, of course, considered the client’s guest.


Discretion and respect of confidentiality are our golden rules here at Agence Majestic. The escorts we hire are forbidden to share any private or personal information, including their identity, about the clients and the circle of people they are with. We eagerly advise you not to share private information with our escorts. The performance is reduced to the essential and to what you wanted out of it. Furthermore, you can already read about their personality traits or other information about our escorts on their profile.

The Agency keeps private all personal data from our members in total conformity to international agreements.


As a basic principle, once you sent and validated your request for an escort girl, she will take about an hour or an hour and a half to meet with you at your hotel or home. This is the maximum waiting time if you are in the limits of Geneva or around its lake. Every other journey will take a reasonable amount of time and will vary depending on where the meeting will take place.

Cancellations of a meeting are allowed only under certain circumstances. You can renounce to the performance if the girl does not meet your expectations. As a courtesy, we will ask you, if that is the case, to still pay the agreed upon amount to the Majestic Agency and the escort.


This is a high-standing agency, this is why we make sure that the rules we set up are followed by everyone. One of our most important rules is that our escorts are completely forbidden to consume any type of drugs and excessive amounts of alcohol. Our clients are requested not to incite the girls to brake these rules. They are under the full responsibility of the client for the entire duration of their performance.

Photos and videos:

Unless agreed upon by the agency and the escort girl, it is strictly forbidden to film or photograph her. In any case, sharing photos and or video on the internet is forbidden.

For additional information, we provide service between 10am and 2am. Start by having a look at our website to find detailed offers or to discover our girls’ profiles. In case you have any trouble, we will actively help you and find a solution in the briefest delays.

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