• Age
  • Nationality
  • Measurements
    1,71m, 55 kg, 85B
  • Hair, Eyes
    Brown, Brown
  • Mobility
    Switzerland, Europe, Worldwide
  • Hobbies
    Dance, Travel, Music
  • Profession
  • Languages
    English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Rates
    Category 2

She is a kind and loving woman, who sacrifices herself to see the pleasure of others, Alana is unique, able to elicit smiles in the most difficult hours, a divinely charming and wonderful companion. She always takes that shine wherever she goes, without fear, determined and beautiful. With generous and unique curves, this phenomenal Brazilian will get you drunk with her caresses.

Determined and with a single focus, she conquers him, takes him to the heights, with the play of her hips, so typical of her country.

Intelligent and hardworking, he has unique ideas, abilities and skills, which delight everyone around him. Your entire trajectory during the time you spend together will be for your pleasure, your strength is enviable, your determination inexplicable.

Alana, your hope will be renewed, filling your time with grace, sweetness and various acrobatics.

You will have an incredible woman by your side.

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