• Age
  • Nationality
  • Measurements
    1,69m, 50 kg, 80B
  • Hair, Eyes
    Blond, Bleu
  • Mobility
    Switzerland, Europe, Worldwide
  • Hobbies
    Travel, Fashion, Sport
  • Profession
  • Languages
    English, Portuguese
  • Rates
    Category 1

To describe Giulia and be able to praise the beautiful woman that she is, we can start with her long blond hair, porcelain skin, in her eyes we only find tenderness and comfort.

It is like a mysterious book that many try to read, but few can understand its meaning, be it one of those few, to unveil layer by layer, this magnificent Brazilian.

Giulia is almost impossible to describe in words, she is sensual, sexy and is proud of it.

It is light when the day is dark, the color that paints life with joy, the music that makes sadness dance away.

Giulia is a gymnast, flexible, graceful, perfect in her movements and positions.

It is like that, in a way that is difficult to describe and impossible to ignore.

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